VLRP/VLRG Swivel Truck Trolley Hoist
  • VLRP/VLRG Swivel Truck Trolley Hoist

VLRP/VLRG Swivel Truck Trolley Hoist

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The hand chain hoist series VLR with integrated manual trolley drive features extremely low headroom capabilities and provides optimal usage of the available storage space in confined areas.

Hand wheel and gear case are positioned outside the reach of the bottom flange, thus allowing the bottom block to be raised almost to the underside of the beam. The swivel truck feature of the trolley suspension enables travelling on extremely tight radius curves.

Features include:
• All-steel construction with zinc-plated load and hand chains.
• Swivel trolley designed for runways with extremely narrow radius.
• All units are built to order for a predetermined beam dimension.
They cannot be adjusted retro-actively to other beams.
• Anti-drop and anti-tilt devices as standard.

• Overload protection, chain containers and buffers.

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  • VLRP-VLRG Technical Info: click to download pdf

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