Xona Manual Chain Block

Xona Manual Chain Block

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Chain Block, EN13157

This product meets European Union requirements, in particular the validated EU Machine Directive, 2006/42EC and is also
manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system.

All hoists are manufactured from high quality materials and are subject to strict quality checks throughout the production
process, each hoist is subjected to a final load test.

The general operation of these hoists should be in accordance with EN standards for safety, a risk assessment should
always be carried out prior to use.

Available in Blue 0.5t to 20t.
Comes with 3m Chain Reach as Standard

All Xona Hand Chain is electro galvanised and comes standard 0.5m less than reach.
e.g. 3m Reach = 5m Hand Chain
5m Reach = 9m Hand Chain

Due to its lifting capabilities, Chain Blocks are commonly used in garages where they are able to remove engines from cars easily. Because they can be operated by one person, Chain Blocks are a wonderfully efficient way to complete jobs which may have taken more than two workers to do. 

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