Yale YCC-201 Hydraulic Chain Cutter
  • Yale YCC-201 Hydraulic Chain Cutter

Yale YCC-201 Hydraulic Chain Cutter

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This new and improved Yale hydraulic chain cutter, model YCC-201, is designed for safe and quick cutting of high-tensile chains up to 16mm diameter. It is suitable for grade 80 and grade 100 chains.

The cutting force is supplied by the standard single-acting cylinder model: YS-23/50.

Recommended pumps:
• Air powered pump: PAY - 6.
• Electric power pack: PY - 04/2/5/2 M.
• Hand pump: HPS - 2/0.7.

The return of the moveable blade is performed by the return spring of the hydraulic cylinder after relief of the hydraulic pressure. In combination with the PY-04/2/5/2M the blade returns automatically.

*The chain cutter has two blades, a ‘fixed’ blade and a ‘moveable’ blade. Both blades are identical and interchangeable.

The unit is also equipped with a unique chain support bar (shown above). This allows for perfect positioning of the chain link and leads to a much longer service life.



  • YCC Technical Info: click to download pdf

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