When To Switch From A Manual To An Electric Hoist

When To Switch From A Manual To An Electric Hoist

When To Switch From A Manual To An Electric Hoist uk

A hoist is a piece of equipment which is used to efficiently and effectively lower or move goods and objects. These are used for various purposes in building projects, warehouses, factories, for moving heavy machinery and more. Proper operation of hoists can help to save time and energy when moving heavy and large items. There are two types of hoists to consider using, they are:

  • Manual Hoists
  • Electric Hoists

Usual Reasons People Change Lifting Hoists?

  1. No power supply
  2. Needed more frequently
  3. Working in a more dangerous environment
  4. Need to lift and move heavier and bulkier objects
  5. Need to save time
  6. Need to save money

What Are The Advantages of Manual Chain Hoists?

Manual chain hoists are often used for smaller installations and for applications of less permanence.  They may not work as quickly as electric hoists but they have many advantages that electric chain hoists do not.

  • They are a cost-effective choice because their initial purchasing cost is lower
  • No power source required
  • These are easier to transport
  • They can be used in many applications
  • No Complex Motors
  • Easier to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair

What Are The Advantages of Electric Chain Hoists?

On the other hand, electrical chain hoists raise and transfer a wide range of loads and objects much faster and much more effectively when compared to manual hoists. Electric hoists work with the simple push of a button and will ensure effortless lifting and accuracy is achieved. Electric chain hoists also run much faster and less energy is required when compared with manual hoists. The best option for increasing workplace productivity is manual chain hoists. Electric chain hoists are far more adaptable in comparison to manual ones and they allow the lifting of loads and objects both horizontally and vertically with ease. Switching from a manual hoist to an electric hoist depends on the type and specifications of the industrial project you are dealing with. If you have a project that requires a lot of lifting of heavy and bulky objects then the electric hoist would be a better option.


What Are The Best Electric Chain Hoists?


Yale CPE 400v Electric Chain Hoist ( 400v 3Ph 50hz)

CPS Electric Chain Hoist (110v, 230v, 400v)

CPE-500x500 CPS Electric Chain Hoist (110v, 230v, 400v)

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist (110v, 230v, 400v)

Electric Wire Hoists

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist (110v, 230v, 400v) HE 150 Veloce 110v Scaffold hoist


What Are The Best Manual Hoists?

We have many manual chain hoists available on our Manual Chain Blocks page but here are a few that we consider to be some of the best on offer. Take a look at them below.


Tiger Mini Series Chain Block

Verlinde ZHV Stainless Steel Manual Chain Hoist

manual chain hoists uk stainless-steel-manual-chain-hoist

Yalelift 360 MKIII Premium Hand Chain Hoist

YLLHP/G Ultra Low Headroom Trolley Hoist

yalelift-360-hand-chain-hoist trolley-hoist

Tiger Combined Chain Block & Geared Trolley

VLRP / VLRG Swivel Truck Trolley Hoist

tiger-combination-chain-block-n-geared-trolley Electric Chain Hoist (400v 3Ph 50hz)


Have You Considered Pneumatic or Air Hoists?

Pneumatic chain hoists are often known as air hoists. They are very similar in characteristic to an electric chain hoist except that the hoist is operated by an air compressor feed rather than being limited by the need of an electrical power supply. One of the key benefits of the air hoist is that it is a 100 percent duty cycle; essentially, this ensures that the pneumatic lifting chain hoists are ideal for continuous use, such as in a manufacturing setting, as well as being ideal for long lifts where an electric motor might overheat and burn out.


Chain hoists that are operated with compressed air have variable lifting speeds, the more the user pushes the button the more air moves through the valve and the quicker the hoist increases or decreases. They can be operated by push-button pendants, or by cord control for longer lift heights. Since there are no electric powered air hoists they are therefore best suited for use in potentially explosive environments where a spark could trigger an explosion.

The Best Pneumatic Chain Hoists

There are many pneumatic chain hoists available to purchase and enquire about on our website. Click Here to see some of the best pneumatic chain hoists on the market in the UK.

pneumatic air hoists

What About Spark Resistant Hoists?

Spark proof chain blocks are built for use in potentially dangerous areas and are also referred to as spark proof hand chain hoists or anti-sparking or explosion proof lifting hoists. They are built for use in environments which may be explosive or highly volatile. Their name gives away why.


Yalelift ITG Integral Geared Trolley Hoist ATEX

Yalelift ITP Integral Push Trolley Hoist ATEX

yalelift-itp-integral-push-trolley-hoist-atex Yalelift ITG Integral Geared Trolley Hoist ATEX


Both manual, electric hoists, pneumatic and air hoists have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the type of work you require them for you. bAt RHT LTD we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of chain hoists both with and without bean trolleys. Take a look at our main pages listed below or click here to go to our home page. 



If you are unsure of the type of hoist you need, please contact us




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