What is a Chain Block?

What is a Chain Block?

chain blocks

A Chain Block is a mechanism that is used to lift and lower heavy loads. Chain blocks contain chains which are wrapped around the two wheels. Once the chain is pulled, it wraps around the wheels and starts to raise whatever is attached to the rope or chain through the loop. Chain Blocks can also be attached to raise slings or chain bags to raise the load more evenly.

How Do Chain Blocks Work?

Chain Blocks contain a lifting chain, a hand chain and a hook. Most chain blocks are electrically operated, but manual chain blocks can also be used. First, the chain block must be connected to the load through the hook. Then, when the chain is pulled, the chain tightens its grip on the wheel and forms a loop inside the mechanism that causes a tension that lifts the load from the ground.

What is a Chain Block used for?

Due to its lifting ability, Chain Blocks are widely used in garages where they can quickly remove engines from vehicles. Since they can be run by one person, Chain Blocks is a tremendously efficient way to complete jobs that should have taken more than two employees to do it.

Chain Blocks are often used in building sites where loads can be raised from higher floors, in assembly-line factories to and from the belt and often even to winch cars from difficult terrain.

Chain Blocks come in a number of capacities, making them ideal for a wide range of projects. Let’s take a look at a few of the chain blocks available to purchase on our site.

chain block with geared trolley

TIger Combined Chain Block & Geared Trolley

This Tiger combined chain block with geared trolley has a lifting range of between 0.5t and 30.0t, it’s perfectly suited to locations that have a limited amount of headroom. This trolley is available in both geared and standard versions with twin bar or single bar options. The operating temperature is between 30°C and +50°C and it can be chained from any lift height to meet the users requirements. This piece of equipment is available in both corrosion resistant and spark resistant versions.

manual chain block

Xona Manual Chain Block

Available in blue this chain blog can lift between 0.5t and 20t of load. It comes with a 3m chain reach and is electro galvanised. dUe to it’s lifting capabilities, it would work well in a garage environment to lift engines out of vehicles with ease. It can be operated by one person which is surprising but chain blocks like these provide excellent work efficiency and ensure completion of the job is done in a timely manner with less manpower required.

Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

Tiger Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

This Tiger corrosion resistant chain block is suitable for multi-immersion uses, it’s available to purchase with slipping clutch overload protection and has a lift range of 0.5t to 20.0t. As its name suggests, it is corrosion protected and has marine specific friction disks. It has a rugged steel body but it remains lightweight and portable.  It has stainless steel fixings and fasteners and a patented quad cam pawl system. It’s heat treated and has an operating temperature range of between -40°C to +50°C. IT can be chained to a lift of any height to meet your needs and requirements. It also meets or exceeds all international chain block standards.

To see our full range of manual chain blocks please visit our online store by clicking here.



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