Yale VSM/VHM/VPR/VPS Valves & Pressure Switch

Yale VSM/VHM/VPR/VPS Valves & Pressure Switch

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VSM safety-check valves
These safety-check valves are used for those applications where pressure drops (eg holding of a raised load) must be avoided.

VHM throttle-/Shut off valves
These valves are used to shut-off hydraulic lines especially in multiple cylinder systems. The needle valve VHM-1 also allows you to throttle an oil flow especially within lifting applications.

VPR external pressure relief valves

Pressure relief valves are used when the system pressure (force of the connected hydraulic cylinder) should not exceed a certain value.

VPS pressure switch

This precision adjustable pressure switch can be set to any pressure value between 5 and 700 bar by means of a screwed adjuster. When the preset pressure value is reached, an electrical contact is activated. For use with electrically operating directional control valve.


  • VSM/VHM/VPR/VPS Technical Info: click to download pdf

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