Types And Uses of Lifting Clamps

Types And Uses of Lifting Clamps

By definition, a crane hook is a tool for grasping and raising loads, such as a hoist or a crane. Lifting clamps, on the other hand, such as an automatic lifting clamp, is a device used to position, hoist and move materials horizontally or vertically from one station to another.

There are various styles and uses of lifting clamps on the market today to ensure that almost all the lifting and transport needs of any industry are met. Let’s take a look at the types and uses of lifting clamps in our quick guide below.

different types of lifting clamps

What Are The Different Types of Lifting Clamps?

Beam Clamps

Are mainly used in industries requiring the suspension and removal of bulky goods. Examples of these heavy products are steel beams and automobiles which are suitable for industrial applications.

Girder Clamps

Much like beam clamps, girder clamps connect to beams and girders for vertical lifting. The models available on the market can be customised to fit various types of girders and are easy to mount and use. They are currently used in heavy-duty manufacturing sectors.

Plate Lift Clamps

Are suitable for conveying, raising and moving metal sheets and plates because they leave no marks on the materials. These types of clamps can be used for horizontal and vertical lifting. Typically, they are used in pairs (or multiples of them) and commonly used in the automotive industry.

Board Clamps

Are ideal for moving and lifting non-metal items such as plasterboard, stone, medium density fiberboard or wood.

Drum Lifting Clamps

Are used to raise drums such as chemical drums, oil drums and other forms of drums or circular objects.

Pipe Lift Clamps

Are used for moving and raising metal, plastic and concrete industrial pipes.

Rail Handling Lifting Clamps

Explicitly designed for use in the rail sector. Their function is to move and lift tracks from one position to another.

Round Bar Clamps

Are produced to help move and lift round or circular objects.

Kerbstone Clamps

Kerbstone clamps are often used by one or two people to move and transfer kerbstones safely from one place to another.

Pile Pitching Clamps

Are designed primarily for pitching steel sheets and have the benefit of a fixed rope for quick release from the floor. They come with ropes and shackles to remove the pile of steel from the ground.

Manhole Clamps

Are specially built to help raise, move and lay manhole covers.

Pulling clamps

Unlike the rest of the clamps mentioned above, these clamps are designed to pull, hold and place heavy loads.

different uses for lifting clamps

What Are The Different Uses of Lifting Clamps?

With numerous applications where lifting clamps can be used, they are, without a doubt an integral part of almost any industry. They make life simpler and safer for operators and construction staff. Some of the industries that continue to use lifting clamps are:

Mining Industry

In the mining industry, heavy loads and severe conditions are present in day-to-day operations, which is why it is so important to follow all safety requirements. Many extractions and handling operations use lifting clamps with sufficient power to transfer and transport any form of load or material under the specified safety conditions.

Transportation Industry

It is the most popular industry to use lifting clamps. In this case, transport refers to moving heavy items from one level to another. They are used for loading vehicles onto trucks, packing finished goods into containers and bulky goods used in manufacturing and construction.

Construction Industry

Manufactured construction materials such as iron sheets, heavy doors and windows or metal pipes are easily loaded and unloaded by operating with lifting clamps. Other items, such as wood used for building houses, heavy doors, floors, walls and windows, are also moved using lifting clamps.

Steel Industry

This industry is one of the largest and most important in the last two centuries of modern history, and that is why new safety elements and working processes have been introduced. Operations in different environments such as foundries or metalworking can be carried out remotely due to the use of automatic lifting clamps.

We hope you found this guide to the different types and uses of lifting clamps useful, if you’re a contractor or someone who is on a DIY mission and are in need of professional lifting clamps and lifting equipment then click here.



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