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Camlok TKG-VHS 'Self Weight' Balance Crane Forks
  • Camlok TKG-VHS 'Self Weight' Balance Crane Forks

Camlok TKG-VHS 'Self Weight' Balance Crane Forks

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These TKG-VHS crane forks are equipped with adjustable tines, height adjustability & an automatic balancing system. Crane forks with automatic balancing* tend to point their tines upward when being transported. This prevents the load from unintentionally slipping off the tines.

The shackle is movable and runs up and down on a track depending on the load. The automatic balancing engages by a pressurised gas spring once the forks are loaded. The load will always be in the centre of gravity of the forks ensuring a safe transport.

• Comply to all current European Quality Standards.
• Factor of safety 4 : 1
• Maintenance free.
• Highly visible safety colour.
• For transporting rings or coils, simply push fork tines together.
• Easily adjustable tines for all pallet sizes.
• Supplied with chain for securing the load.

* NB: The automatic balancing system requires a minimum load of 20% of the crane forks working load limit

  • TKG-VHS Technical Info: click to download pdf

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