Tiger Lifting Products & Equipment

Tiger Lifting Products & Equipment


Tiger Lifting makes and produces a full range of winching and lifting products all around the world, including their Tiger Subsea Lifting range.

Our range of Tiger Lifting equipment includes chain blocks, lever hoists, trolleys, combination units and clamps. The Tiger branded height safety equipment on our site comprises of beam anchors, karabiners and arrest blocks.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pieces of equipment on the market that are manufactured by Tiger Lifting:


Tiger Beam Trolley

Tiger bean trolleys have been designed to provide the user with streamline traversing along a beam. The anti-drop plates have been designed in a way that ensures the user stays safe and prevents damage occurring to the wheels when in contact with the end rail stoppers. For smoother rolling and less effort, the wheels on the beam trolleys run along with sealed ball bearings. Both twin bar and single bar trolleys are available on our site, and they have a standard operating temperature of between -30°C to +50°C.

Adjustable Geared Trolley

tiger adjustable geared trolley

This tiger adjustable geared trolley has a lifting range of between 1.0t and 10.0t. It’s wheels run on sealed bearings allowing for a smoother roll with less effort and requires a low level of maintenance. It can be used with manual or powered hoists and is fitted with a screw spindle allowing for lockable adjustment of the varying flange sizes within its lifting capacity. This trolley also has a locking device with a powerful clamping force and has anti-drop plates which ensure safety and helps to prevent any damage to the wheels when they are in contact with the end rail stoppers. The operating temperature of this geared trolley is between -30°C and +50°C so it can be used in a multitude of environments.

Adjustable Plain Push Trolley

tiger adjustable plain push trolley

Combination Chain Block Plain Trolley


Plain Trolley


This Tiger plain/push trolley has a range of between 0.5t to 15.0t and the wheels have been specially designed tith convex profiling to eliminate potential point loading. There are geared models available and they have hand chain lengths to suit your needs and requirements. These beam trolleys can operate in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +100°C. Geared Trolley Range from 0.5t to 30.0t. There are different versions of this product available for different purposes and with different grades to fit a number of tasks.

Geared Trolley

geared beam trolley

Tiger Lifting Beam Clamps


Beam clamps, clamp onto steel beams to support the lifting and rigging of many applications within a range of industries. They can connect components to the steel without the need for drilling or welding. They can be attached temporarily or permanently and can also create joints between beams. Beam clamps can support both horizontal and vertical loads and typically have either spring steel or screw-set action.

They are much easier and much faster to install than other methods which require specialists and professional equipment as well as engineering plans and knowledge. Beam clamps are particularly useful for installing utilities in industrial or unfinished commercial properties like warehouses.

Angle Beam Clamp

angle beam clamp

This angle beam is available in 1.0t and 3.0t capacities, it has a V shaped jaw to ensure a safe and secure grip. IT’s operating temperature range is between -50° to +50°. It has a versatile rigging point which enables the hoisting of equipment when it’s attached to overhead steel sections. IT can accommodate a huge range of sections, it has a shackle suspension point and no tools are required as it has an integrated adjustable screw spindle.

Standard Beam Clamp

tiger beam clamp

Beam Clamp With Shackle

beam clamp with shackle

Heavy Duty Beam Clamp – Fixed Jaw Heavy Duty Beam Clamp with Shackle

heave duty beam clamp

Universal Beam Clamp

universal beam clamp

This Tiger universal beam clamp has fully rated capacity at all lifting angles, it has a quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting up equipment and has been designed for both vertical and side loading uses. iT has a load capacity of 3.0t, 5.0t and 10.0t with a low headroom design. This clamp is highly flexible for pulling, lifting and as a semi-permanent anchor point. THis clamp has been designed to fit a wide range of beam sizes and has a 4:1 safety factor.

Tiger Chain Blocks


Tiger chain blocks are used to lift and lower heavy loads. This is done using a chain which is wrapped around two wheels inside of the block, which acts as pulleys for the load. When the chain is pulled, the load begins to lift off the ground, when it’s released, the load will lower to the ground. Tiger chain blocks can also be attached to lifting slings to provide the users/workpeople with a more even load lift.

Chain Block

tiger chain beam

This Tiger chain block is available with lift loads ranging between 500kg and 30,000kg, and also with slipping clutch overload protection. It has a Double cover protection for brake chamber, Drop forged & heat treated alloy hooks and a high quality alloy calibrated load chain. It can be chained to any height of lift to meet your own specific requirements. It’s suitable for underground mining too. This chain block exceeds all international safety and compliance standards.

Combination Chain Block Plain Trolley


This chain block has a lifting range of between 0.5t and 30.0t, it’s perfect for locations where the headspace is limited. There are both plain trolley and geared trolley versions available and there are also options for both twin bars and single bars. Extended beam width is available as well as corrosion and spark resistance if required.

Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

corrosion resistant chain beam

Industrial Chain Block

industrial chain block

Mini Series Chain Block

mini series chain block

Tiger Lever & Air Hoists

Hoists are used for the lifting and lowering of loads via lift wheel or drum which have a chain wrapped around them. They can be manually operated, pneumatic or electrically driven.

We sell a wide range of Tiger lever and air hoists including professional lever hoists, subsea lever hoists, industrial lever hoists, industrial air lever hoists and standard lever hoists. Check out the product links below for all specifications.


Professional Lever Hoist

professional lever hoist

Subsea Lever Hoist

subsea lever hoist#

To see our full range of lever hoists and Tiger Lifting products, Click Here. Tiger is a well established, highly trustworthy lifting equipment brand. Their lifting equipment can be used for the home and also in an industrial setting. They have been designed for professional use and adheer to and also exceed international safety standards as well as British safety standards.

We hope you found this guide to the best Tiger lifting products useful for your next purchase of lifting equipment in the UK.



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