Camlok TCK 'Single Arm' C-Hooks
  • Camlok TCK 'Single Arm' C-Hooks

Camlok TCK 'Single Arm' C-Hooks
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The Camlok TCK C-Hooks have been designed to safely and efficiently handle coils, rolls, rings, pipes, round stock and other similar loads.

Many features are available on C-hooks. When lifting collared or standard pipes, the backstop device can be positioned as far back as possible. If the lifting of shorter pipes is required the backstop can be adjusted accordingly. Loads that are longer, or exceed the specified working load limit, should not be lifted. Camlok uses the latest 3D CAD Design technology to quickly produce specific products tailored to our customers’ requirements. There are many additional options available including shaped tines and adjustable end-stops.
Load details: The more information you can provide the quicker a quote can be prepared. Please provide the Width (A) x Outside Dia. (B) x Inside Dia. (C)

  • TCK Technical Info: click to download pdf

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