Camlok TAG/TWG 'Wide Jaw' Universal Clamp
  • Camlok TAG/TWG 'Wide Jaw' Universal Clamp

Camlok TAG/TWG 'Wide Jaw' Universal Clamp
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The TAG universal clamps are extremely versatile. They have a large jaw capacity that enables them to be used on a multitude of applications such as loading machine tools, steel constructions, welding and numerous assembly duties. The design means that they do not require additional chain slings and are very easy and simple to use.

The automatic gripping force is retained by a positive tension jaw spring, even if there is slack in the chain. The clamps are also fitted with a ‘Quick-Open’ lever for ease of loading and unloading.

These clamps are service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are readily available.

Clamp repairs are available through the factory, or can be done by a competent person.

Protective lined jaws can be fitted up to 1250kgs WLL. Call our sales team for prices and availability.

  • TAG/TWG Technical Info: click to download pdf

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