RDS Rapid Donning Suit orange
  • RDS Rapid Donning Suit orange

RDS Rapid Donning Suit orange

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RDS Rapid Donning Suit orange - Please call for bulk discounts

RDS suit is especially suitable for emergency situations with quick departures. It is light and comfortable and it's suitable for authorities as a boating suit and for leisure boating and fishing.

Collar structure is open, which eases dressing and enables ventilation in warm weather.

Material: Gore-Tex® fabric based upon the ePTFE membrane, allowing vapour to get through but remaining completely watertight.

Seam construction: double seams so that the seam will not open even when worn. Inside the seams are heat seal taped and reinforced to be 100% watertight.

Reflective tapes: The suit is equipped with several reflective tapes in right places, which assures visibility in all conditions. The soft and durable reflective tapes are developed by 3M in accordance with the directive on marine equipment.

Boots: Polyurethane boots with broad fitting and strong non slip soles.

Knee and back reinforcements: Cordura.

Thermal hood: separate 3 mm neoprene hood, which protects against cold water. Attached hood, which protects against wind and rain.

Gloves: integrated 3mm 5-finger neoprene gloves in sleeve pockets.

Supplied in a carrying bag.


  • Material: Gore-Tex®
  • Plastic front zipper
  • Thigh pockets both sides
  • Two cheast pockets with zipper and velcro tape. Left pocket is equipped with whistle, lace, buddy-line and small carabine hook
  • Sleeve pockets with intgrated 5-finger neoprene gloves
  • Wind hood with splash cover
  • Many reflective tapes
  • Boots
  • Vertical elastic bands at the both sides of the suit keeps the trouser part up preventing their falling down
  • Knee and back reinforcements made of black cordura
  • Back reinforcement made of black cordura
  • Neck and wrist seal: smooth neoprene
  • Includes separate 3mm neoprene hood
  • Includes repair patches
  • Includes carrying / storage bag


  • CE certificate
  • SOLAS (MED) approval

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