Powertex Suprime Round SlingsPowertex Suprime Round SlingsPowertex Suprime Round Slings
Powertex Suprime Round Slings
Powertex Suprime Round Slings
Powertex Suprime Round Slings
Powertex Suprime Round Slings

Powertex Suprime Round Slings


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Powertex(In Europe “Suprime”) ROUND SLING is made up of two materials of Polyarylate fibers and UHMWPE fibers. Although fiber sling, but because of its tensile strength is stronger and softer than Wire rope, Designed for easy and does not hurt the cargo can lift.

​Powertex(In Europe “Suprime”) Round Sling is used in both small and large cargo lifting purposes on behalf of a wire rope slings and chains. The recently developed special fiber is a special material used in armor, bulletproof gloves, space suit, etc. It is widely used in industry as a round sling material because its function is strong and soft.


Powertex(In Europe “Suprime”) round sling prepared specifically for heavy-duty lifting the cargo is when lifting operations has many advantages as follows:

The best safety ;​​

  •         Because of the lightweight, easy to bend
  •         When storing or removing less discomfort, as well as storage space is smaller
  •         Because it is easy to handle
  •         Risks that occur when you use a heavier wire rope sling is also relatively reduced to.

Optimal handling efficiency

  •         For example, when lifting into 50ton 10M length
  •         Wire rope sling and weighing 280kg, the weight of the Powertex roundslings is only 34kg.
  •         Therefore Powertex roundsling is lighter Reducing working hours and
  •         working personnel and economic benefits can be created.

​Scratch resistance of the finished goods

  •        Powertex roundsling is because the special fabric made of a soft material
  •        It does not hurt to adapt cargo.
  •        A separate scratch-proof protectors in any cargo
  •        Even if you do not use does not injure the wounds of scratches on products





Suhbo Ind Co

Suhbo Ind Co
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