Mechanical Steel Ratchet Toe Jack HVS Series


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Product Code Steel Ratchet Toe Jack Category:
Model Capacity Min Height (mm) Stroke Weight
HVS1.5 1,500Kgs 70mm 350mm 12Kgs
HVS3 3,000Kgs 75mm 350mm 20Kgs
HVS5 5,000Kgs 70mm 300mm 24Kgs
HVS10 10,000Kgs 90mm 300mm 42Kgs
HVS20 20,000Kgs 95mm 340mm 60Kgs

Safety crank with folding handle.

Type HKB comes with low body height.

In accordance with DIN 7355 (type HVS).

Lifting either with fixed toe or on clawed head

Suitable for lifting loads of any type

All construction components standardized

With lifting body.

Low expenditure of force through optimal ratio

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