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HACK8 Grade 8 Eye Type Grab Hook is a component used in lifting and rigging applications, and the term Grade 8 indicates a high-strength material, alloy steel.

  1. Material Grade (Grade 8): The Grade 8 designation signifies a high-strength material, chosen for its ability to withstand heavy loads and challenging conditions.
  2. Eye Type Design: The hook is designed with an eyelet or “eye” at one end, allowing for easy attachment to chains, cables, or other rigging components.
  3. Grab Hook Functionality: Grab hooks are designed to securely grab onto a chain link, providing a quick and reliable connection point in lifting and rigging operations.
  4. Load Rating: The hook is rated for a specific load capacity. It’s essential to adhere to these load limits to ensure safe lifting operations.
  5. Safety Features: Depending on the design, there may be safety features such as a latch or locking mechanism to prevent accidental disengagement during use.
  6. Durability: The hook is designed and manufactured to resist wear, corrosion, and fatigue, ensuring a long service life even under demanding conditions.
  7. Compliance: William Hackett produce eye type grab hooks in compliance with industry standards and regulations to ensure their suitability for lifting and rigging applications.

All William Hackett Grade 8 lifting components comply fully with the relevant section of EN1677, they are forged from alloy steel, they are crack detected following heat treatment and finally proof tested to 2.5 times working load. The full compliance of these components means that they can be used in chain slings certified to EN 818-4, for use in a temperature range of -40°C up to
200°C without reduction in working load limit.

For specific details, including load capacities, dimensions, and usage guidelines please see the PDF download.

These hooks can be connected to 1 Leg, 2 Leg, 3 Leg & 4 Leg Chain Slings.





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We have been a UK Distributor for William Hackett Ltd for many years now, we can supply any of your lifting needs. So please give us a call on 01953 889998 or email us at mharwood@rhtltd.co.uk. William Hackett have been supply lifting chains for many especially to agriculture. They now have there own range Hack 8 and Hack 10 which we can supply and can easily be purchased direct from our website.
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