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Grade 8 chain tags are identification tags or markers associated with chains that meet Grade 8 specifications. Grade 8 refers to a high-strength alloy steel material used for chains, known for its excellent tensile strength and durability. The tags are used for identification, traceability, and compliance purposes. Here are some common features and information you might find on Grade 8 chain tags:

  1. Material and Grade Designation: The tag will specify that the chain is Grade 8, indicating the material strength and quality.
  2. Manufacturer Information: Information about the manufacturer, such as the company name, logo, or identifier, is often present on the tag.
  3. Chain Specifications: The tag may include details about the chain’s specifications, such as size, length, and working load limit (WLL).
  4. Serial Number or Unique Identifier: A unique serial number or identifier will be present on the tag for traceability and quality control purposes.
  5. Safety Guidelines: Important safety information regarding the SWL of the chains and the angle’s it can be used at are shown.

It’s important to note that the specific details on Grade 8 chain tags can vary between manufacturers and may be subject to industry regulations.

These will be used on all 1 Leg, 2 Leg, 3 Leg & 4 Leg Chain Slings.




William Hackett Ltd

We have been a UK Distributor for William Hackett Ltd for many years now, we can supply any of your lifting needs. So please give us a call on 01953 889998 or email us at mharwood@rhtltd.co.uk. William Hackett have been supply lifting chains for many especially to agriculture. They now have there own range Hack 8 and Hack 10 which we can supply and can easily be purchased direct from our website.
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