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HACK10 Master Links are manufactured from alloy steel in accordance with EN1677-4. All Master Links are individually proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit in accordance with EN1677. Only components fully compliant with all aspects of EN1677 can be used in chain slings certified to EN818-4. HACK10 Grade 10 lifting components are suitable for use in a temperature range of -40ºC up to 200ºC without reduction in working load limit.

Grade 10 master links are essential components in lifting assemblies, particularly in heavy-duty applications where high strength and reliability are paramount. These master links are made from alloy steel and are heat-treated to achieve the necessary strength and durability.

The “grade 10” designation indicates that these master links meet or exceed specific standards for strength and performance. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh working environments common in industries such as construction, mining, and offshore operations.

When selecting grade 10 master links, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the lifting chain or wire rope being used. Additionally, proper inspection, maintenance, and usage practices are crucial for safety and longevity. Regular inspections should be conducted to check for signs of wear, deformation, or damage that could compromise the integrity of the lifting assembly.




William Hackett Ltd

We have been a UK Distributor for William Hackett Ltd for many years now, we can supply any of your lifting needs. So please give us a call on 01953 889998 or email us at [email protected]. William Hackett have been supply lifting chains for many especially to agriculture. They now have there own range Hack 8 and Hack 10 which we can supply and can easily be purchased direct from our website.
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