G.Saver II
G.Saver II
G.Saver II

G.Saver II


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Globestock Safety Equipment

In the UK, Globestock have been setting the benchmark for quality fall protection equipment for more than 30 years. Safe work at height depends on workers not only having the right training but also, vitally, the right equipment.

When it comes to fall protection we're experts, which is reflected in our products' design, materials, durability and longstanding manufacturing heritage.


The G.Saver II is a fall arrester that features a recovery winch.

  • Recovery winch with anti-run brake
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism
  • Approx. 3m per minute retrieval
  • Stopping distance 0.6m to 1m
  • Auto-lock karabiner

Item                              MWL                             Options
GSE407G    7m           136kg          Stainless steel cable. Fall indicator karabiner.
GSE414G    14m
GSE420G    20m
GSE434G    34m



Globestock Safety Equipment

We are a UK Distributor for Globestock Safety Equipment, we can supply any of your needs. So please give us a call on 01953 889998 or email us at [email protected]. Globestock Safety Equipment is a leading provider of quality safety equipment. Globestock Safety Equipment manufacture and supply a range of products from Fall Arrest Systems, Harnesses, Lanyards and other personal protective equipment. Their products are designed to meet the highest safety standards and provide protection for workers in various industries.
Globestock Safety Equipment
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