Ultralift with Dyneema Slings

Ultralift Round Slings are made from Dyneema, the worl's strongest fibre. Ultralift Round Slings have become an essential lifting tool over the last decade for special and heavy lifting operations.

The material has proven itself during this period as a substitute for steel wire ropes and chains in demanding areas.

Dyneema is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Round Slings up to 180T Safety Factor 7:1

10% of the weight of traditional wire rope slings, it even floats on water

Extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemical attack

Low weight - Low Density

Works in temperatures ranging from -60ºc and +70ºc

Exercises precise lifting and good control of the load

Also available as wear sleeves and corner protection

Designed for repetitive lifts, Ultralift Round Slings are exceptionally suitable for lifting jobs where abrasion resistance and flexibility is required. These slings are produced

in 100% Dyneema.

The construction of a Round Slings is divided into the load bearing core and the protection sleeve. Ultralift Round Slings are always made from high performance fibres - Dyneema which makes the sling very light compared to steel based slings.

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