Outrigger Pad Ground Mats 2880 x 1440 x 15

Outrigger Pad Ground Mats 2880 x 1440 x 15

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Ground Protection Mat

These lightweight and versatile ground mats are ideal when moving vehicles or machinery across soft ground. They can be linked together to form a track way or large surface area using our Easy Join connectors.

Features include:

  • Size (metres): 2.88 x 1.44
  • Depth (mm): 15
  • Non slip extruded finish on both sides
  • Each extrusion measures 8mm in height providing a superior grip for vehicles or machinery
  • 6 grip handles
  • Produced from extremely high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Offers protection against water, corrosion and splintering
  • Suitable for most vehicle, crane and equipment chassis

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