Oil & Gas Industry

Reassuring Corporate Buyers with our FPAL membership.

For Corporate Buyers, we offer the reassurance that, not only do we supply an ever growing range of the world’s best products for the oil & gas industry, we are also FPAL Members. 

As a compact company offering a total commitment to serving our customers more personally than many larger companies are able, our membership of this acclaimed industry body is an extra guarantee of reliability. 

Depend on us for the world’s best Lashing Systems, Lifting Equipment. Ratchet Straps, Lifting Slings, Personal Protective Solutions from renowned manufacturers such as Gunnebo, Rud, Yale, Mullion, RidgeGear and Pewag.  

We have so much more to offer than we can possibly feature on our website and can provide not just off-the-shelf solutions, but also custom-created products, designed and built around your most specific brief.

When it comes to financial considerations, our buying power means competitive pricing across everything we supply, all manufactured to the highest, most current standards, a certificate of conformity accompanying all lifting products.  

Our wide range of supplies for the oil and gas industry is featured in the FPAL brochure under the heading ‘1.02  Material and Product Handling Equipment,’ with the following Product/Service Codes and descriptions:

1.02.01    Cranes, Davits, Hoists and Winches
1.02.03    Other Lifting Gear and Accessories
1.02.05    Baskets, Containers and Trolleys
1.02.09    Jetty Equipment, including Loading Arms/Hoses, etc

Robert Harwood’s FPAL Registration number is 10051538.  In addition, our company is 
ISO 9001 Registered.