Minifor™ TR125 SY
  • Minifor™ TR125 SY

Minifor™ TR125 SY
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The Minifor™ with synthetic rope TR125 SY has been specially developed for lifting load during repair operations. With this product we can lift load with high speed (see page 2/2 for more details) with a synthetic rope which, due to his lower weight and high flexibility, we can use the Minifor™ for big height and without any risks of environment deterioration.


The Minifor™ TR125 SY is composed of :

• One moto-reductor with a system of cable training (item A)
• One pendant control box to lift up, to go down and an emergency stop button
• One power electrical cable for electrical power connection
• One synthetic rope composed of: - On tense rope side : - one hook in steel zinc coated with latch (item B) - An adjustable abutment with squeezes cable (item C) - One housing for hook protection (item F) - On free rope side : - An adjustable abutment with squeezes cable (item D) The Minifor™ must be suspended on a structure with sufficient resistance to the applied force with the turning hook delivered with the product (item E). The load must be attached to the hook located at the rope extremity (item B). Attached nothing on the free rope extremity. The pendant control box is used to lift up or go down the load. If necessary, the pendant control box is equipped with a safety emergency button to stop immediately the load.


• High speed to lift up or go down the load
• Lower weight for big height use
• The rope is flexible, is in synthetic fibber, it is not aggressive with environment and do not oxydate itself


• This product work exclusively with synthetic rope validated by TRACTEL® (lifetime 400 cycles, under normal conditions of use).
• The product can be used in a temperature range of –10°C to +50°C 


It is forbidden to use this product:
• To lift persons
• With big wind
• With another rope

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