Load Ring - RBG
  • Load Ring - RBG

Load Ring - RBG

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For bolting with patented relief lugs
  • Relief lugs up to 16t.
  • Protect the securing bolts against bending - and shearing loads. This ensures additional safety!
  • Smaller bolt and a low profile due to the pivoting ring.
  • For description of the ring refer to VRBS for welding.
  • RUD special bolts (inner - and outer hexagon), 100% crack detected with special corrosion protection Deltaton.
  • Tension bolts to recommended torque (120 Nm) and secure with locking tabs supplied.
  • For sealing and securing of the bolts, Loctite 270 for example can be used.
  • check tightness of bolts at regular intervals.
  • Workpiece material at least 1.0037 (St 37-2) S235JR.
Mounting Instructions:
  • Use RUD Special bolts only.
  • Mount on plane bolting surfaces!
  • Scribing and drilling acc. to tolerance range of RBG:
  • First scribe pocket hole - relief bores Size "F", drill and countersink acc. to sizes "H, G, K".
  • After fitting and straight adjustment of the bolting blocks, the bore for the tapped hole can be drilled.
  • Drill core hole and cut tapped hole. For through bolts, drill size "H" only.




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