Lifting Slings from Robert Harwood

Lifting Slings from Robert Harwood

Get the toughest lifting slings that suit your load lifting operations. We provide durable lifting slings of quality fibre products. They are manufactured in the UK with the complete printed declaration of conformity with the current EN standards. Lifting slings help to provide smooth contact with the top surface of heavy equipment during lifting and transportation to prevent dents and damages. While both the rough chain and wire rope slings can add weight to lifting, polyester slings have drastic weight reduction to ease heavy equipment lifting and transportation. We provide custom design, re-web or re-work polyester slings that can meet the lifting specification of customers. Call today for a free Lifting Sling quotation.

Lifting Slings

Durability and Safety

Are you looking for durable lifting slings that guarantee maximum load lifting capacity and operational safety? We provide various lifting slings such as Duplex Webbing Slings, Ewl Round Slings, Endless Flat Slings, and Ultra with Dyneema Slings to meet your heavy equipment lifting needs. You can conveniently transport heavy equipment such as a mega yacht or newly painted heavy machinery without the fear of surface scratches. Our soft polyester slings are designed to reduce friction and damage during lifting operations. We can meet your supply demand for either large or small volumes of slings at short notice with cost-effective and fast delivery. Click here to get a free Lifting Sling quotation.


Our Polyester Lifting Slings Features

  • The world’s strongest fibre ever manufactured for load lifting operations
  • Visible label details, serial number, date of manufacture, specification, and safe working load limits.
  • The most essential lifting tool for special and heavy lifting operations
  • Specifically manufactured with Reinforced Eyes
  • Colored coded in accordance with European Convention
  • Visible indication of maximum load lifting limits
  • Customised into various lifting specifications
  • Available in various lifting capacities [1-40 Tons]
  • Durability and safety guarantee
  • The best-considered substitute to steel wire ropes and chains in lifting operations
  • 10% weight reduction compared to wire rope sling
  • Floats on water due to low density
  • Operates in the temperature range from -60ºc and +70ºc
  • Exercises accurate lifting and good load control
  • Available as wear and corner protection
  • Designed for repetitive lifts
  •  Suitable for lifting jobs for abrasion resistance and flexibility requirements
  •  Durable fabric ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene [UHMWPE]
  •  The world’s strongest fibre favourite for heavy offshore and onshore lifting

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