Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings

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A lifting sling is made up a cable, chain, rope or webbing and is used in combination with a lift or crane to facilitate the lifting and load balancing. Usually, slings include metal slinging devices in the style of hooks, fasteners, ties or rings. The lifting slings capability requirements differ depending on the application for which they were built. Various types of slings are defined by size, working load limit (WLL), sling leg length, and sling mode.

Extreme caution should be exercised in processes that employ lifts and slings to move products from one place to another. Operator training is important, and regular inspection of the sling should be carried out to avoid accidents. OSHA sets unique requirements for lifting slings and prescribes various inspection conditions, depending on the material used and the sling size.

What Are Duplex Webbing Slings?

Duplex webbing slings can easily be adapted to lift awkward shapes or a host of different shaped objects. These slings have a high degree of versatility and are easy to fit around materials intended to be lifted. They can be used in many different setups for lifting many different things.

Our duplex slings are made from high tenacity polyester yarn in double thickness webbing. Finished with a becket eye which strengthens the lifting process to protect the eye during lifting thus lowering the risk of damaging the sling.

What Are EWL Round Slings?

Polyester Round Lifting Slings are also known as endless lifting slings, strops, round webbing slings, soft slings, round strap lifting and woven slings.

Polyester is a lightweight, very solid, Synthetic man-made material. Our EWL Round Slings are excellent quality and are very strong.

Where Can You Buy Slings Online?

You can buy slings online today through our website. The types of slings we sell online are: 

  • Duplex Webbing Slings

  • EWL Round Slings

  • Endless Flat Slings 

  • Ultralift With Dyneema Slings

  • Subho Round Slings

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About Us

Robert Harwood Trading is a leading supplier of a range of lifting slings, Round Slings and Webbing Slings for lifting equipment and load restraint equipment in the UK. We stock all the standard tonnages from 1 ton - 4 ton with lengths upto 6m for extra tonnages or extra lengths and bespoke sizes ranging up to 24 ton.

Handling heavy loads is no problem with our range of durable lifting slings specifically manufactured to lift heavy loads. For fast UK delivery order online or please call us to find out more information.