Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

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Lifting Equipment

Lifting can be a hazardous task and should be taken seriously, especially on construction sites or where you have a workforce present. Lifting heavy loads and moving them shouldn’t be completed manually, especially if the items that require lifting are heavy or need to be elevated to a great height.

It’s essential to ensure you are using the correct lifting equipment for the job. Here at RHT LTD, we supply a wide range of superior quality lifting equipment from top manufacturers. You can purchase the lifting equipment you require online too so whether you’re looking to buy lifting slings or winches, you’ll be sure to find everything you’re looking for right here.

Lifting Equipment Supplies


Finding crucial lifting equipment supplies can often be a challenge. Cheap products have flooded the internet and buyers are unable to get an understanding of the quality and effectiveness of the products as well as not being able to link them back to the brands who manufactured them.

At RHT LTD, we ensure that all of our lifting equipment comes from recognised and traceable brands to ensure the safety and security of the companies who purchase from us.

What Are Lifting Slings?


A lifting sling consists of a cable, chain, rope or webbing and is used along with a lift or crane to facilitate the lifting and load balancing of goods and materials. Slings typically include metal sling instruments in the form of hooks, fasteners, links or rings. The specifications for lifting slings capacity vary depending on the application they were designed for. Various types of slings are defined by size, working load limit (WLL), length of the sling leg and mode of a sling.

The types of lifting slings you can purchase from our site include:


Duplex Webbing Slings, EWL Round Slings, Endless Flat Slings, Ultralift with Dyneema Slings and Suhbo Roundslings.

What Are Chains & Rigging Lifting Equipment Used For?


There are many different ways to lift a heavy load, but in high-temperature environments and in more demanding situations, chain slings and rigging equipment tend to be the lifting gear of choice.

Our lifting chains and rigging equipment is used in many industries. From building sites to factories and warehouses, they are highly heavy-duty and are versatile enough for use in a variety of different environments.

Our lifting chains and rigging equipment include:


Grade 8 Chain Slings, Chain Components, Eyebolts and Eyenuts, Deck Plates and Pad Eyes, Shackles, Lifting Points, Gunnebo Chain Components, Poly Ropes, Weld-on Hooks, Wire Rope and Wire Rope Accessories.

What Are Chain Hoists?


A Chain Hoist (also known as a chain block) is a chain lifting mechanism used to raise and lower heavy loads. Chain hoists contain two wheels, and the chain is wrapped around them. The chains wind around the wheels as it is pulled, and begins to lift the object that is connected to the chain through a hook.

We supply Chain Hoist Accessories, Electric Chain Hoists, Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Manual Chain Blocks, Pneumatic Chain Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists, Scaffold Hoists, Spark Resistant Hoists and Wire Rope Hoist Accessories.

What Other Types Of Lifting Equipment Is Available?


  • At RHT Lifting Equipment, we also supply:
  • Clamps and trolleys
  • All winches including electric and pneumatic
  • Cable Pullers
  • Offshore subsea equipment

About Us


Robert Harwood Trading is a major supplier in the UK of a range of lifting slings, Round Slings and Webbing Slings for lifting equipment and load-restraint devices. We stock all regular tonnages from 1 tonne-4 tonne with lengths up to 6m for additional tonnages or extra lengths and sizes of up to 24 tonnes.

Our collection of robust lifting slings specifically designed to lift heavy loads is no trouble handling heavy loads. For a quick delivery order online in the UK or for more details, please call us.