Hydraulic Bottle Jack HV Series
  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack HV Series

Hydraulic Bottle Jack HV Series

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    Hydraulic Bottle Jack HV Series
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Model Capacity Min Toe Height Stroke Weight
HV2 2,000Kgs 160mm 93mm 2.5Kgs
HV4 4,000Kgs 192mm 125mm 3.7Kgs
HV6 6,000Kgs 196mm 125mm 5Kgs
HV8 8,000Kgs 198mm 121mm 6Kgs
HV10 10,000Kgs 212mm 126mm 6Kgs
HV12 12,000Kgs 217mm 125mm 7.5Kgs
HV16 16,000Kgs 246mm 155mm 10Kgs
HV20 20,000Kgs 245mm 145mm 12Kgs
HV32 32,000Kgs 285mm 180mm 25Kgs
HV50 50,000Kgs 300mm 180mm 30Kgs



Versatile jacks can be used vertically (not upside down) or at any angle to not more than 5 degrees from vertical position.

Can NOT be used horizontally.

Machined and positioned cylinder walls ensure straight lifts, preventing uneven wear.

Heat treated adjustable extension screw with cleaned lift saddle prevents slippage.

Bottle jacks with lifting capacity of 12 tons and over have carrying handle for convenient moving or positioning.

Patented bypass mechanism products hydraulic cylinder from over pumped.

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