Gas Grab at Robert Harwood

Gas Grab at Robert Harwood

Anyone that has ever had to lift a gas canister, also known as Gas Bottles, Calor Gas Bottles and C20 Bottles, knows that they are heavy, cumbersome and, if lifted incorrectly can cause serious damage to your back, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

Here at Robert Harwood Trading, we are happy to say that we have teamed up with GasGrab™ to bring you the solution to this problem.


With over 17,000 handling injuries reported last year alone due to incorrect lifting and carrying in the workplace, GasGrab™ is a simple and affordable way to limit that number within your workforce, especially in the following sectors;

• General Engineering

• Building & Demolition

• Event’s Organisers

• Balloon Retailers

• Welding & Fabrication

• Licensing Trade & Restaurants

• Hospitals & Health Care Establishments

GasGrab™ works by allowing the person to adopt the correct position for lifting and have all been tested in excess of the weight of a full gas canister, each coming with a test certificate to prove it.

The weight of the cylinder will determine the clamping force required, so call today on 01953 889998 to discuss the benefits and ensure that you purchase the correct GasGrab™ for your requirements or visit us online at



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