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In the UK, Globestock have been setting the benchmark for quality fall protection equipment for more than 30 years. Safe work at height depends on workers not only having the right training but also, vitally, the right equipment.

When it comes to fall protection we're experts, which is reflected in our products' design, materials, durability and longstanding manufacturing heritage.

The G.Stop is a durable fall arrest block with a steel cable.

  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism
  • Stopping distance 0.6m to 1m
  • Auto-lock karabiner
  • Aluminium casing
Item Code* Max. Cable Length MWL Approx. Weight Options
GSE507G 7m 136kg 10kg Stainless steel cable. Fall indicator karabiner.
GSE514G 14m 11kg
GSE520G 20m 15kg
GSE534G 34m 21kg

* with 5mm galvanisted steel cable (fitted as standard).

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