Flotation Suits 80N to 100N

Please call us on 01953 889998 or send us a email for more information and bulk purchases on these products.

Please call us on 01953 889998 or send us a email for more information and bulk purchases on these products.

For Constant Wear, General Deck and Crew Use

Full Suits, Jackets and Trousers
EN343, 80N - 100N

Black_100NEN ISO 12402 - 4 (EN 395):

Have buoyancy of no less than 100 Newton for the average adult. The are intended for use offshore or when foul weather clothing is used.


Constant Wear Suit - 50 Newtons, EC Council Directive 89/686/EEC Annex II, Basic Health and Safety Requirements as a constant wear suit incorporating inherent buoyancy of a minimum of 50N and thermal insulation.

It may take upto 2 weeks for you to receive your goods once you have placed your order as the Manufacturer is currently based in Belgium.


X6 Jacket

X6 Jacket


X6 Suit

X6 Suit


X6 Trousers

X6 Trousers


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