DROPs net/ debris netting max size 3m x 3m

DROPs net/ debris netting max size 3m x 3m

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Polyesterscrim PVC Heavy Duty mesh can be manufactured to your specifications.

This net is 3m x 3m , foldable to produce varying surface areas, the entire net, and the sub areas have a seam stitched to the product having location eyelets (14mm diameter) for suspension purposes. We can supply optional wires, bungies to hold the net in the required location.

This net weighs 10kg

Colour Black

Threads per 10cm       9.0+/-0.5

Fabric 200g/m2

Coating 600g/m2

Breaking Strength greater than 2800N

Tear Strength greater than 700N

Permiability 65 +/-10%

Temperature resistance -30C - +70C

Flame-retardancy DIN75200

Lead time 10 working days depending on specification

Supplied with 4 x wire ropes and fastening for size adjustment

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