Camlok CY 'Hinged' Vertical Plate Clamps
  • Camlok CY 'Hinged' Vertical Plate Clamps

Camlok CY 'Hinged' Vertical Plate Clamps
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The CY plate clamps with hinged hook rings can be used for the safe handling of plate at various angles. It can lift plate from the horizontal and put down in the vertical.

The hinged hook ring ensures adequate gripping pressure in every position, but the load capacity is reduced as seen in the diagram below showing the load / force capacities.

The main benefit of the CY hinged plate clamps is that longer plates can be lifted or handled, using two clamps on a two legged chain sling (as shown in illustration), thus eliminating the need for a spreader beam.

NB: The plate surface of the material must have a hardness level below HRC 30/Brinell 300

* Per Clamp

** Weight per clamp without chains

  • CY Technical Info: click to download pdf

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