Camlok CH Horizontal Plate Clamps
  • Camlok CH Horizontal Plate Clamps

Camlok CH Horizontal Plate Clamps
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A pair of clamps used with a two-legged chain sling are suitable for small plates. It is
recommended to use two pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam for handling of larger plates, these units are supplied as standard with a smooth jaw. There is also the option of hardened steel teeth for special applications. Please contact our technical department for further details.

Workmanship and parts

These plate clamps are service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are readily
available. Clamp repairs are available through the factory, or can be done by a competent

These clamps are sold in pairs.

* Per Pair

** Weight per pair of clamps without chains

*** NB. CH1 is fitted with a single jaw

**** NB. The angle between the chain/rope legs must not exceed 45° from vertical

***** NB. These units must NOT be used with endless chain slings

****** Chain Slings NOT included


  • CH/HH Technical Info: click to download pdf

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