Bristle Blaster Pneumatic

Bristle Blaster Pneumatic
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Designed for professional use in industry, Bristle Blaster® drive units meet the highest demands for quality and durability. Their in-line design makes them ideal for working in areas that are difficult to reach. The low operating speed of 2,300 rpm and the lightweight and compact design (1.2–2.3 kg) ensure a high degree of on-the-job safety and easy, flexible handling.

  • Patented Accelerator Bar
  • Patented air cooling system extends the life of the Bristle Blaster® Belts
  • Lean and extremely lightweight design (1.2 kg) improves accessibility
  • Dust exhaust for adapting an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Special gear reduction increases torque at 2,300 rpm
  • Muffler reduces the sound pressure level

The product requires a competent person to operate correctly, as such this device should not be used without undertaking the manufacturers recommended training

This product is available in the UK only and training is provided by the UK importer included in the price

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