Bosch 5" 125mm Anti kick back grinder

Bosch 5" 125mm Anti kick back grinder
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5" (125mm) Grinder with permanent stainless steel attachment point Bosch model no GWS12-125CI-110



Handle can be used as left or right handed worker and provided the tool is correctly assembled the handle will not become a DROP object if it becomes loose

GWS 12-125CI: The compact tool with KickBack Stop - detects when the tool is jammed and shuts it down immediately. Disc supplied separately.

The KickBack stop, restart protection, anti-rotation protective guard and vibration reduction means Bosch has every angle of your safety covered. Even changing accessories is fast and easy thanks to the large spindle lock button and the slim housing provides great handling. Vibration in the tool has been reduced by 40% thanks to the Vibration Control auxiliary handle and the gear head can be rotated in 90° steps.

Noise/ Vibration Information

Sound Power Level 109 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level 91 dB(A)
Sound Uncertainty K 3 dB
Vibration Emission Value Ah 2.0 m/s² (Sanding Disc)
Vibration Emission value Ah 6.0 m/s² (Grinding Disc)
Vibration Uncertainty K 1.5 m/s²
Weight 2.5kg
A heavy duty wire lanyard should be used with this power tool

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