12 Tonne Webbing Slings

12 Tonne Webbing Slings

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Our manufacturer has there own weaving facility on site which gives them the ability to design and manufacture Flat Sling constructions varying from 1T to 50T.

The most popular sling type - Available up to 12T, our standard Flat Slings come in Simplex (1 Layer - these are Made to Order) and Duplex (2 Layer - which are Standard ones from the shelf) forms and offer solutions to most lifting problems.

Woven from High Tenacity Polyester Yarn, these slings feature low weight, flexibility of use and ease of handling. They give significant improvements in safety and costs in
comparison to other lifting equipment.

Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (PES), Flat Sling products cover sling types from Simplex, Duplex, Endless to Quadplex. Lifting Slings are a more versatile solution
than substitute products such as wire rope or chain options.

For Special Applications, we can also offer custom made solutions.

  • Flat Slings up to 12T (Quads) Safety Factor 7:1
  • Woven from High Tenacity Polyester (PES) Yarn
  • Stripe denotes SWL
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Off the shelf product available up to 6T (Standard)
  • Custom made solutions for Non Standard Applications
  • Available with a choice of wear sleeves for added protection at the load points
  • Manufactured as standard in accordance to EN1492-1

12 Tonne Webbing Slings;
Webbing Width: 300mm
Eye Length: 1000mm
Eye Width: 160mm

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