Solas Immersion Suits

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For off-shore supply vessels, bulk carriers, commercial ferries, container and freight ships in cold waters.
All with EN343, MED Compliant, 80N and some with incorporated life jacket


Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) will be denoted by a ‘Ships Steering Wheel’ which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size.

In addition, material testing and mechanical tests are done, requirements on colour & retro-reflective material, the presence of specified trimmings is checked: a whistle, light,… and further performance tests on the whole garment or device e.g. the capabilities of donning, floatation, righting, etc.

The head should be supported at the side and at the back so the airways are well out of the water (the mouth should be 12 cm higher than the water surface). The torso should be leaning backwards at an angle between 30° and 90° (vs. vertical) A ‘relaxed’ (unconscious) person face down in the water should be automatically turned on to his back within 10 seconds (EN 395) and within 5 seconds (EN 396, EN 399).

  • Mandatory since 1st July 2006
  • Minimum of 1 approved immersion suit per crew member
  • Applies to every cargo vessel and bulk carrier operating above 20° North and below 20° South

It may take upto 2 weeks for you to receive your goods once you have placed your order as the Manufacturer is currently based in Belgium.


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Smart Solas Suit 1
Style - 1MC8A2N07: Hydrostatic Hammer 1MC8A3N07: Automatic Cellulose Vartridge UM Co..

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Smart Solas Suit 1A
Style - 1MG4A2N07 Colour - International Flame / Black   Gives 0.41 CLO thermal prot..

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Smart Solas Suit 2
Style - 1MC9A2N07: Hydrostatic Hammar           1M..

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Smart Solas Suit 2A
Style - 1MG5A2N07 Colour - International Flame / Black   For off-shore supply vessels, b..

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Thermal Floatation Liner
Style - 1MC6A2NM5 Can be fitted into the Smart SOLAS Suit 1 and 1A to give 6 hours of ..

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